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The best sheet music reader software for iPad in 2022

by David Connors

Update: 2023 – I ended up switching back to forScore despite the bugs as the rest of the field is so weak. This time around I save everything in an orderly fashion to G Drive first then import it into forScore. I don’t use forScore’s sync (aka random delete) feature.

I’ve been using forScore since I took up the piano and it is good product with some bugs. Unfortuantely, its synchronisation feature took to deleting some of my bookmarks, then some more, then a dozen of them and as a result I’ve lost all faith in the product and I’m unsubscribing. At the time of writing this, my iPad says it has 126 items in the library, my iPhone 129 and my MacBook 134. Such a fail. It also deleted all of my Trinity Grade 4 bookmarks.

I’ve looked at a lot of different applications to replace it and built out a comparison table. Some of the applications were pretty whacky in how they work (OnSong) and others were absolutely terrible.

If I had to choose the top three based on easy of use and functionality, I would say:

  1. forScore (the best but the bugs!)
  2. Newzik
  3. Piascore

I also looked at nkoda Reader, OnSong, SongBookPro, Paperless Music, Score Music and Music Notes.

The comparison is here: Sheet Music Reader Comparison 2022

Also you can check out the discussion on the Adult Piano Progress Discord server.

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